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Lillard traded to the Bucks, time to move on Heat fans

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The hearts of every Miami Heat fan broke yesterday when sources announced Damian Lillard's trade to the Milwaukee Bucks. After 88 days since Lillard requested to trade to the Miami Heat, everyone believed it was a foregone conclusion that he would end up with the team. Sadly for them, the one thing sports has never been is predictable. Worse, he got traded to one of the Heat’s main competitors. A team that Miami has faced in the playoffs 3 times in the past four seasons. The Bucks are now the overwhelming favorites to win the NBA championship next season, sitting at +370, while the Heat are 6 spots lower, sitting at +1600.

The Heat’s superstar also did not seem too pleased with the trade, calling on an investigation on the Bucks for tampering.

Teammate Tyler Herro chimed in on Twitter, replying to the video: “What he said.” Fans found that ironic, considering that he was the key player included in the trade talks for Damian Lillard.

Now the question remains: where does the Heat go from here?

The positive is that Heat fans can now finally move on. It seems like they forgot that we were just in the finals a few months ago, with Tyler Herro missing the entire playoffs. A move needs to be made, yes, but Lillard isn’t the only fish in the sea. A new fish has risen through the waves: Jrue Holiday, a player who would be a perfect fit next to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. To hear more details on the trade and how it affects other teams, make sure to check out this video link below:

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Adi Aguilar
Adi Aguilar
28 sept 2023

Tough time to be a Heat fan

Me gusta

28 sept 2023

trade got me down bad 💔

Me gusta
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