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Miami Heat season kick-off: Why you should be excited

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The Ringer

The NBA is officially back, which means the Miami Heat are back. They start their season tonight vs the Detroit Pistons at 7:30 PM tonight and look to redeem their finals loss from last season. This past season was a historic one for the Heat, they became the second team in NBA history to make it all the way to the finals, beating the Eastern Conference juggernauts Bucks and Celtics. The weird thing is that it seems like many fans have forgotten that, as the public perception of the Heat is not too good at the moment. I believe this is the case due to the Damian Lillard trade saga, everybody was so set on the idea that he was coming to the Heat that when he didn’t, it felt like the whole world came crashing down, especially because he got traded to the rival Bucks.

But…, now that the dust has settled and we can all think logically again, we can go back to being excited about this new season and realizing that the Heat still have a fantastic squad. Jimmy Butler is still as good as ever and Bam Adebayo is just now entering his prime years. The team also picked up multiple valuable role players in the off-season, such as center Thomas Bryant, ex-Heat player Josh Richardson, and rookie Jaime Vazquez. On top of that, our coach is still Erik Spoelstra, who the general managers in the league voted the best coach in the NBA.

Lastly, you guys probably noticed that there’s one guy I haven’t mentioned and that’s because I wanted to give him his section and that is Tyler Herro. Something that went super under the radar these past playoffs is that Herro missed practically all of it. We’re talking about a player who was the team’s number-one offensive option these past two seasons and is now coming into the season with a chip on his shoulder after being in trade rumors this whole off-season. In every interview he has done so far, there have been nonstop questions about his thoughts on almost being moved to another team and he has answered every single question with a level of maturity and focus that shows how much he has grown in the past few seasons, and how committed he is to this team.

So, those are all the reasons you should be excited for this upcoming Miami Heat season. I hope all of you guys tune into the games, go watch them in person, and support our team in their pursuit of another championship.

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