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  • Stephanie Hernandez

Miami’s Brightline: One Month Later

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Courtesy of Brightline

About a month ago, Miami unveiled one of the most innovative and transformative upgrades to its struggling public transportation system: a high-speed train route taking residents directly from Miami to Orlando. Naturally, an alternative mode of transportation that eliminates the dread of hours-long traffic would excite most Miami natives. But how did this ambitious project actually play out?

Online reviews of the train service shared mixed reception to the $84 round-trip. Paul Rubio from believes the trip is “totally worth it for me to not deal with terrible Miami and Orlando traffic.” He praises the convenience of having 3 hours to do work while commuting, free Wi-Fi via Starlink, exceptional customer service, and the luxurious drinks and snacks provided at no extra cost with a premium ticket.

India Amos from Business Insider was slightly less thrilled. While describing the trip as “a great experience,” especially commending the cleanliness and decor of the train station, she said she would not ride again. This review resulted from a few reasons: Firstly, the price is a little unreasonable for the expected inconvenience of later having to Uber everywhere once you actually reach your destination. Secondly, The train ride isn’t exactly cheaper when compared to a regular car ride. Finally, India’s ride had an unexpected 35-minute delay in Port St. Lucie.

Courtesy of Brightline

Since opening in September, the high-speed train has hosted and transported almost 60,000 passengers on long-distance trips from Miami to Orlando. Orlando Business Journal cites the month's ridership of 143,053 was 56% higher than September 2022's mark of 91,577. Brighline has plans to increase the number of daily round trips this month. For its long term, the company expects to reach “4.3 million annual riders on the longer route to Orlando once service stabilizes in 2025.”, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

Brightline is currently offering a Black Friday deal on Orlando round trips. Now is the perfect time for many Floridians to experience what's likely their first train ride. The trains carry an eco-friendly design and serve as a great interim for getting work done or resting while traveling. However, it could be more cost-efficient and convenient once you reach your destination. Despite its pros and cons, Brighline continues to expand and provide alternative options for those who want it.

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